Here are some tools our customers may find useful before and after purchasing a UDID activation. Please take a look at these tools to see if they can help answer your questions.

Check List

  1. Activate your UDID
  2. Wait for your confirmation email
  3. Install beta software
  4. Check support documents if you need help
  5. Check FAQ
  6. Contact support if you have questions

Check The Queue

You may check the queue at any time to check the status of your oder. If you believe that your order is taking longer than normal, it may be because your UDID is incorrect. The queue will display this.

How Do I Find My UDID?

If you don't know how to find your UDID, please look here. Also, please copy and paste your UDID. We are not responsible for mistyped UDIDs. If you don't provide your UDID with your order, you will automatically be pushed to the end of the queue.