Here at UDID Activation we believe in doing everything fast, and doing everything right. That's why we have specialized teams of well qualified employees to help answer your questions and activate your UDIDs.

A Great Team

We hire the best of the best here at UDID Activation. This team is highly trained and ready to work for you. They work together like a well oiled machine, so you can rest assured that your activation will happen fast and happen right. The first time.
  • Karl Oler

    Karl makes sure that your UDID activation is processed in an orderly fashion.

    Karl Older
    Karl Oler was hired onto UDID Activation to help you get the fastest UDID activations on the Internet. Karl can activate hundreds of UDIDs in one hour
  • Rose Wong

    Rose handles all of our tech support. If you have a question, she will get you an answer!

    Rose Wong
    Rose is the head of the tech support department. She makes sure that you get the answers you need as fast as possible. She is here to help you through the process of activating your UDID.